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BEST Learning at St. Nicholas School

BEST Learning at St. Nicholas School  1




Our BEST Learning curriculum aims to enable all of our children to become:

Successful learners, who enjoy their learning, make progress and achieve

Confident, creative individuals, who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives,

Active and responsible citizens, doing the right thing - in the right way!




We want our children to become Resilient, Responsible, Resourceful, Reasoned, Reflective and Respectful learners.


Being resilient means sticking at it – even when the going gets tough.

Resilient learners: Persist, have a positive attitude, stay involved in their learning, set targets and practice.

Being responsible means looking after yourself and others.

Responsible learners know right from wrong and make good choices, manage themselves, help others and think ahead.

Being resourceful means knowing what to do and where to go when you get stuck.

Resourceful learners show initiative, learn in different ways, ask good questions, involve others in their learning, take risks.

Reasoning means making careful decisions.

Reasoned learners explain their thinking, consider all evidence, choose the best method or way of thinking and take their time.

Being reflective means learning from experiences.

Reflective learners are curious, can describe their progress, listen to and learn from feedback and learn from experience.  


In addition to these learning attributes our curriculum will:


  • Improve pupil engagement in the classroom 
  • Improve confidence, progress and achievement
  • Re-vitalise staff pedagogy
  • Improve attitudes to learning  - self-esteem / personal fulfilment
  • Develop transferable skills and attributes
  • Integrate learning more meaningfully with emerging technologies
  • Enhance assessment for progress - classroom pedagogy
  • Ensure a high status and profile is associated with creativity and creative thinking as well as high standards
  • Foster and promote pupil independence
  • Improve critical thinking – questioning, clarifying, examining, evaluating, reasoning
  • Improve decision making and problem solving skills
  • Generate more reflective teachers and learners 
  • Provide higher levels of student self awareness and a vocabulary of learning 
  • Restore and affirm our school’s Vision and Aims – core purpose
  • Enhance student feedback and reporting 
  • Provide a mechanism to involve parents and families more meaningfully



"Excellent teaching gives children the life chances they deserve...  

Enjoyment is the birthright of every child. 
The most powerful mix is the one that brings the two together. 

Children learn better when they are excited and engaged 
- but what excites and engages them best is truly excellent teaching."

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