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1-1 Teaching Assistant Vacancy

‘Children are at the centre of this school’ Ofsted 2017

We are looking for a new member of our teaching team to join us as soon as possible with:

• A good understanding of Autism and its associated challenges.

• A willingness to develop a long term relationship with our pupil and his family.

• The strategies needed to provide nurture and support our pupil all aspects of learning and life.

• Good communication skills including an ability to be responsive to non-verbal communication.

• Calmness, consistency and patience.

• Flexible understanding of the importance of strong partnerships and teamwork.

• Promoting the acceptance and inclusion of this pupil into our school family.

Thank you for your interest in this vacancy and our school.

Applications to be received by Friday 5th October at 12 noon due to new pupil starting.

Both full time and job share arrangements would be considered.

Please contact us via telephone or email asap for more information/application form.

01572 812337 | stnicholasoffic@rutlandlearningtrust.com | www.rutlandlearningtrust.com