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Collective Worship

Our Core Values:


To improve all children’s learning outcomes, by outstanding teaching and partnership working, within a supportive, caring, Christian school environment; promoting excellence and determination in the acquisition of knowledge and skills.


To prepare children for the challenges of the 21st Century, to enable children to communicate successfully and to stay safe as unique and valued people in a changing world. To understand that learning is an exciting lifelong process.


To promote and instill self-confidence, social, emotional and conflict resolution life skills, in order to live and interact as responsible members of the local, national and worldwide community.


Our curriculum aims to enable all of our team to become…

Successful learners, who enjoy their learning, make great progress and achieve well;

Confident, creative individuals, who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives,

Active and responsible citizens, who do the right thing - in the right way!

We aim to produce independent thinkers and learners who are better prepared for 21st Century Learning - Resilient, Responsible, Resourceful, Risk Taking, Reflective and Respectful learners.


At our School we have SUCCESSFUL LEARNERS by providing:

  • High standards and expectations, showing very good to outstanding progress for all children;
  • Outstanding teaching;
  • Effective tracking, monitoring, review and evaluation of learning for every individual child and for groups of learners;
  • Planning for progression, effective personalised learning and self-evaluation by children and teachers;
  • A stimulating, challenging and creative curriculum that promotes active learning, thinking skills and encourages problem solving;
  • Excellent leadership;
  • Strong partnerships between school staff and parents / carers – build on our Christian values;
  • A positive and receptive attitude to lifelong learning.


At our school we have confident individuals who learn to:

  • Recognise and value their own talents and ambitions;
  • Communicate and articulate their thoughts and feelings;
  • Help to set their own learning targets;
  • Use their initiative and have the ability to be independent learners and to work collaboratively;
  • Show resilience, enterprise and the ability to take managed risks;
  • Feel safe and secure at home and at school and have the knowledge and ability to make healthy choices.


At our school the children are learning to be responsible citizens by:

  • Taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions;
  • Making informed choices;
  • Showing respect.
  • Recognising and challenging prejudice;
  • Seeing themselves as local, national and global citizens and learning about their own and other cultures;
  • Learning skills to resolve conflict and understanding that actions have consequences;
  • Learning to take responsibility for their environment and for sustainable living.


How will we achieve our aims?       


Outstanding learning in order to support, excite and challenge all pupils in every aspect of the curriculum;

Providing an engaging, relevant and inspiring learning environment;

Involving children in their own learning; listening to children and learning from children;

Consistently tracking, intervening and supporting individual children’s learning;

Removing barriers to learning;

Promoting ‘learning to learn’ skills in order to develop and enhance lifelong learning;

Effective policy and practice in safeguarding and child protection;

Working with and engaging parents and families in their children’s learning;

Working within the local community to support and sustain all learners;

Establishing, extending and enhancing national and international learning;

Experiencing and celebrating diversity and challenging injustice.



This is underpinned by our commitment to inculcating our Christian Values across our school.


Joy, Faithfulness, Patience, Empathy, Tolerance, Peace, Kindness, Unselfishness, Forgiveness, Love, Trust, Loyalty, Honesty, Self-control.




Our School...


  • Enjoys a strong relationship with our local church
  • Ensures Christian values are central to all aspects of our school life
  • Has tolerance, empathy and an understanding of other faiths and cultures
  • Attains high standards of achievement and attainment through a broad, challenging, creative curriculum
  • Ensures high quality learning using effective teaching and learning strategies
  • Ensures all children know what they can do and discover how to get better at the things they find difficult
  • Ensures all children can succeed while enjoying active learning experiences
  • Develops independence: Helps children to apply and have ownership of their learning
  • Is a Healthy School and has a welcoming, safe and secure atmosphere
  • Develops communication skills, including the appropriate use of IT
  • Encourages children to experience a wide range of extra-curricular activities
  • Recognises and values all members of the school community in its widest sense
  • Promotes high achievement and learning for life through our commitment to N.I.C.E. Learning

Our School Prayer

At St Nicholas we are proud of our School Ethos and our strong Christian Values.The special relationship we have with Rev Marcus is an integral part of our school life, and we love welcoming Mr Rush from Market Overton Free Church. We love his Bible stories and giant fuzzy felts that help us develop our knowledge and love of God. We enjoy a wide range of Worship opportunities in addition to learning about the beliefs and values of others, some of which are similar, and some of which are very different to our own.

Please look at our Collective Worship timetable to explore our learning further.

Our latest school anthem!

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Shine Your Way!
We have also used these excellent resources from UNICEF over the last year, in addition to responding to local, national or world events where age-appropriate.

One of our current favourite songs of praise!

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Our God is a Great Big God!

Bible Times at Market Overton Free Church!

Some more of our favourite worship songs!

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"Ive got the joy joy joy joy, down in my heart"
"Peace is flowing like a river"

Can you remember the actions?!

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