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COVID-19 School Information

Dear Families,


I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to another exciting term at St Nicholas CE Primary School. We have some fabulous learning planned for our children and you'll be pleased to hear that we have further increased our intervention suite for this term.


Our COVID Risk Assessment and Contingency Plan has been updated to reflect the most up to date guidance and can be found below if you would like to read them in detail.


Here are the key changes that will affect you:


1) Windows in classrooms need to remain open throughout the school day.


As winter approaches and the temperature begins to drop, I would like to recommend that pupils wear additional layers. This might include wearing a vest or their PE hoodie over the top of their school sweatshirts. Our heating system has just been completely revamped so the classrooms will still remain at a comfortable temperature, but these extra layers may help some of our pupils to feel fully ready for learning.


2) Before and After School Club, including sporting activities, will continue as planned.


Schools are allowed to offer wraparound care. Some of our wraparound care includes sporting activities and during these sessions, bubbles will remain 2m apart and will have their own equipment.


3) Parents are advised to wear face coverings during drop-off and collection and only one parent is to accompany their child/ren to and from school.


By asking all parents to wear face coverings, we hope that those who may be more vulnerable will feel supported by the school community. I would also like to take this opportunity to remind all parents to remain 2m apart at all times whilst waiting to drop-off and collect your child/ren to comply with the current guidance.


4) It continues to remain the school policy that children do not bring food to school to share with others.


I continue to have multiple children asking me each week if they can bring in sweets/ treats for their classmates on their birthdays. It is heartbreaking to turn these children down, especially on their birthdays, but our approach remains the same: we ask that pupils bring just the essentials to school.


I am confident that school will remain largely the same during 'lockdown'. We are focused on engaging the children with exciting learning, ensuring all children make excellent progress and supporting their mental well-being with a focus on building positive relationships.


If you need us for anything, as always, please contact me directly on Class Dojo or call the school office.


Keep safe,

Mr Alfieri