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How to make a plastic bottle wind spiral for your garden!

How to make a fantastic plastic bottle wind sculpture!


What you need:

  • several plastic water bottles
  • permanent markers in various colours
  • scissors


1. Remove the lids and labels from your bottles and give them a quick wash.

2. Make sure bottles are thoroughly dry on the outside. 

3. Once the bottles are dry, use permanent markers (like 'Sharpies') to colour in the bottles.

It really doesn’t matter how you fill in the colours, just make sure your bottle is covered in colour from top to bottom.

4. With your colouring complete, it’s time to turn your bottles into sprirals. Ask a grown up to help you with this part!

5. With your scissors, remove the flat bottom of the bottle and discard (or save for a future craft project!). 

6. Starting at the cut edge, snip around and around, from the bottom of the bottle to the top, to create a spiral. Stop cutting when you get to the smooth, rounded “shoulders” of the bottle.


 7. When all of your spirals have been cut, find a stick or a garden cane to hang your sculpture on.

8. Slide the neck of the bottles onto the branch and nest the bottle tops together by tucking each one into the one before it.



9. Stand back, and watch your colourful wind spirals bounce and dance in the breeze!




Watch this video to see how to make your plastic bottle wind sculpture!

Still image for this video

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