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St Nicholas CE Primary School

How to make plastic bottle fish sculptures!

How to make plastic bottle fish sculptures!

This week's activity was inspired by Iwan in the Foxes Team who made these fantastic fish sculptures as part of our weekly art work! Don't they look amazing?!


Here are the things you will need:

1 or more empty plastic bottles.


Paint (like acrylic or household paint) or permanent marker pens (like Sharpies)

Googly eyes or paper to make the eyes


This is how you make your fish:


    1. Take the lid off an empty water bottle and squish the bottle flat from about the middle of the bottle all the way to the bottom. Leave the front part puffy.

If it does get flat, you can always put your finger in the mouth opening of the bottle and push the sides back out.


2. Ask a grown up to help you cut off the bottom of the bottle ( a few cm's up). You can make this a flat line or curve it to create an interesting shaped back fin. 



     3. Using paint or marker pens, paint your fish in whatever way you wish!

The more colourful the better! 



4. Once dry, add a large googly eye or make an eye out of paper and stick it on. 




These fish look great on their own or you could make them some friends... or even make them into a fish sculpture mobile!




Have fun!

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