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Parents As Partners 2018/19 Term 1 Agenda

 As planned, we have another dynamic and committed Parents as Partners group this new academic year... 


Our new team comprises : Mrs Gail Justice, Mr Oliver Davidson, Mr Andrew Cockerill, Mrs Sophie Jamieson, Mrs Jo Myles, Mrs Caroline Jones, Mr Ali Sanaei and Ms Sammi Mayes. 


One of our foci for evaluation this academic year is our Homework Policy, and we are keen to gather your views on this topic. Please feel free to email one of the members or the school directly with any feedback and comments on current Homework arrangements in addition to any suggestions for development. Thank - You! 



To fill in our Homework survey please

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Thank-You to all those parents who attended our Vision Evening this week! We hope you found it as valuable a discussion as we did. We are currently working on an email to send out to all those families unable to make the event so that everybody's views can contribute to our School Vision. We have begun a display in the foyer showing the topics and ideas which were raised on the night. Please add to this if you have any more thoughts or suggestions. We shall share the results when we have consulted more widely... so watch this space!

Please send any suggestions from the Discussion Points in the invitation to:- office@stnicholas.rutland.sch.uk and we will add them to the ideas board!

The suggestions so far!

The suggestions so far! 1

Parents as Partners - 1st Meeting Discussion Points...

Parents as Partners

                        Discussion Points – Meeting 1


  • Mrs Lyons thanked all group members for their engagement in this new initiative and briefly revisited the purpose of the Parents-as-Partners Group as being a local representation of St Nicholas within the Rutland Learning Trust.
  • Current ‘Before and After’ School provision (also Holiday Clubs) were discussed (with interest expressed in KIA as a future strategy to improve) and a desire from families to be able to access a greater range of activities. Communication (from those running holiday clubs) with greater detail of activities was a suggestion for improvement. Disappointment was expressed regarding the lack of interest in - and subsequent cancellation of a recent holiday club.
  • A suggestion was made that an appointment across the Academy of an individual with a medical/counseling/family liaison or support background would be invaluable to all families and pupils.
  • To support new families joining the school, an idea was raised to create a parent-parent ‘Buddy’ system.
  • A ‘Class Suggestion Box’ that could be monitored by the children themselves, used as a vehicle to support pupils’ language development in addition to the 6Rs and their social and emotional development /self-esteem, was presented and supported as a new initiative.
  • We had a lengthy discussion regarding pupil safety relating to parking and volume of traffic at drop-off and pick-up times, which is now limiting children’s levels of independence.
  • The following ideas were agreed upon to be considered
  1. A drop-off point where children are met (by a member of staff) and all walk to school together at an agreed time. (Park and Walk).

Maybe a trial of ‘Park and Walk’ Mondays later this year?

  1. A Parent Survey to understand why parents drive and don’t walk to school. School to plan a 'Walk to School' Week. This is also an opportunity to highlight environmental issues.
  2. The school to enquire about a zebra crossing/ lollypop person to encourage those living in the village to walk to school.
  3. School to contact Tish Barwell to find out where/who parents can complain in writing to, in order to support the school in voicing concerns.
  4. Use visual models of children to highlight to parents, funding dependent.
  5. Have a member of staff with Road Safety Officers (children) issuing ‘tickets/flyers’ to those parked in unauthorized and dangerous places.
  • Privacy and Security on the school website is a real concern. A suggestion was made to create password-only access to Class pages.
  • ‘Dive into a Book’: Books on sale after these whole-school reading sessions was an idea raised. This could possibly be explored by the school council/PTFA as an opportunity to raise funds.
  • We talked about the new ‘Dive into a Book’ sessions planned for this term, and how else to engage those parents who would prefer to support the children’s learning in other ways.
  • Mrs Lyons suggested using the upcoming Parent Meetings as an opportunity for parents to share their interests and skillsets with Class teachers, and their current possible availability.
  • Leading on from this, we discussed in detail the previous Achievement Assembly format, and various perceptions of what was successful, and what was less so. It was agreed that a Survey undertaken by the School to gain a clearer understanding of what all parents would like to see would be advantageous.

       It was unanimously agreed that a termly Class Assembly would be very  

       well- received (focus: pupil-led and sharing learning).

  • Greater parental information on the 6Rs was requested to allow a more effective dialogue at home with children. A 6Rs page on the school website could be a great resource for families.
  • The implementation of class weekly information boards was raised to allow all families the type of learning information that is available to the Foundation class families.



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