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A Family Guide to Y3

Welcome to the Red Kites Class Page

The time has finally come for our former Foxes to make the big leap up into the realms of Key Stage 2.

Our focus for this term is all about being ‘Ready for Learning’ and how that would look as a Key Stage 2 learner.

During Terms 1 and 2, the Red Kites will be focussing on the ‘Into the Deep’ topic, building on from our fabulous trip to the Sea Life Centre, Birmingham. We will be exploring the various different bodies of water around the world; unpicking what makes one different from the other including the ocean as a habitat and the sustainability of our oceans. We will also be looking at disasters at sea, in particular one of the most famous tragedies, including: a particular ship… a particular iceberg… and a particular film based up this historic event. To help immerse ourselves with the topic, the entire Key Stage will be working towards turning the Key Stage 2 corridor into an underwater world through art and design & technology.

This year, we’re adopting a new approach to our PE delivery. We will have an entire afternoon, usually a Tuesday, devoted to a combination of ‘Real PE’ and more traditional PE. Real PE is a skills-based approach to learning PE, taking the emphasis away from sport and placing it more on the foundations and building blocks of sport, the ABCs (agility, balance and coordination) and the FUNdamental movements.

As scientists, we are developing our approaches to working scientifically and looking to really immerse ourselves into conducting and recording experiments. Some of our investigations will include soap bubbles, making rockets and observing the effects of forces on objects.

In RE, we are focussing on how Jesus is portrayed through various media; such as art, music and film. Did you know, C.S Lewis wrote the character of Aslan based upon Jesus and throughout The Chronicles of Narnia, a lot of Jesus’ messages, teaching and lessons can be seen?We will be considering the impact of these upon the Christian faith and why Christians see Jesus the way they do.

As writers, we are working on creating a short story based on The Secret of Black Rock by Joe Todd-Stanion, which are want to share with younger years. We are going to turn these short stories into graphic picture books where our illustrations tell just as much of the story as our writing. We are then going to look at more non-fiction writing, where we will develop our researching and reporting skills, ultimately creating a short Attenbrough-esque documentary on our chosen marine creature.

Our maths will continue to develop following the White Rose Hub scheme of learning. This has proven successful across all year groups and we will develop well-rounded and deep-thinking mathematicians who are able to represent their learning in a number of ways.

You can follow our journey throughout the year on ClassDojo and later on this year, parents will be able to see their children’s’ learning come to life through SeeSaw.

And don’t forget:

We have brains in our heads, feet in our shoes.

We can steer ourselves in any direction we choose!