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Year 1


Welcome to our Year 1 Class Page!

Here you will find useful information about our class together with photos that we take and copies of letters that we send home.

Welcome to Term 2!

Wow! What an amazing first term we had together! We are so proud of our children and how well they have settled back into school life and embraced the new challenges of Year 1.


We have another exciting term planned for our children as we count down to Christmas together!

Please do take a look at our plan below to give you a taster of some of our proposed learning. 


This is a copy of our timetable for Term 2:


As in the first term, our PE days will continue to be on Monday and Tuesday so please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit and school shoes with a pair of trainers to get changed in to for their PE lesson.


Please could you also ensure your child brings a named water bottle and healthy snack to school every day together with weather appropriate clothing e.g. warm coat, hats, gloves. Please ensure these are all clearly named. Other than these items, please could you support us by not allowing your child to bring in any other items such as toys or 'show and tell'. All of these measures will of course be continually reviewed in accordance with government guidelines.



Thank you for your continued support.

smileyMrs. Bdesha, Mrs. Morton and Mrs. Hibbittsmiley


This is what we learnt about in Term 1:



Copies of letters sent home





Week 2











Warm up

Write down the numbers to 10 - check your number formation with an adult

Warm up

 Can you write down all the numbers to ten in words?

Warm up

Write down your number bonds to ten (or call them out loud)

Warm up

Number formation - practise the formation of any numbers you are finding tricky

Warm up

Number bonds to ten 


Main activity

2D shape names

Colour in the shapes according to their colours.

Main activity - Properties of 2D shapes

Main activity - 3D shape names

Main activity - properties of 3D shapes

Main activity - Nrich challenge



Read the Story

'Pippety Skycap'


Follow up Activity

Re-read the Story 'Pippety Skycap'





Re-read the Story 'Pippety Skycap'







Re-read the Story 'Pippety Skycap'


Special Box Activity



Re-read the Story 'Pippety Skycap'


Make your own Pixie Fact File















Art Activity

Help Pippety to make a special rainbow













RE Activity

Read The story of Noah's Ark







'Stay Safe' Rainbow Sheet