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Year 2

Welcome Back!


I hope you have all had an amazing summer and are raring to go for the new term. We have been working hard in school to get everything ready for our return. 


This term we will be focused on making assessments of the children's current levels of attainment and working hard on social well being. We will be recapping work from the year 1 curriculum before moving onto the new learning for this year. 


In our geography this term we will be learning about human and physical features and make comparisons between different cities in the UK. Each week will investigate a different city and identify key physical and human features. 


We will have our PE sessions on a Monday and Tuesday. I would request that children come dressed ready for PE, wearing their school shoes and school jumper. 


I am really looking forward to the exciting learning that we will be doing this year. 


Please contact me through Dojo if you have any questions. 


Mr Platt and Mrs Mackness


Term 1 Plan

Home Challenges 


Hi Team, 


We have created this list of activities for children to complete when they are unable to come into school for a period of time. There are 10 days worth of activities. For each day there is one maths activity, a choice of two literacy activities (apart from Fridays which is a weekly write) and an afternoon activity. 


It would be great to see the children's work and celebrate their successes with them by uploading pictures to the children's individual portfolio on Dojo. 


Please let me know if there is anything that you need. 


Mr Platt


Week 1







Warm up - Using the 'Hit the Button' game can you practise your number bonds up to 20, using a mixture of the addition and subtraction games in the up to 20 box. Can you beat your top score each day? 

Partitioning numbers. 


We have been learning to partition numbers this term. Can you find a range of numbers around your house and i would like you to create representation of those numbers e.g. 57 - use 5 socks (represent the tens) and 7 raisins (representing the ones). 


Can you take pictures of your representations.  

Counting in 2, 5 and 10. 


Mark the numbers that you would hit when counting in 2, 5 and 10 on the hundred square. 


- Circle the 2 times table.

- Cross the 5 times table.

- Underline the 10 times table. Can you notice a pattern? 

Shape Hunt.


Can you go on a shape hunt around your house. You could identify a range of 2D and 3D shapes.


Can you list the objects and write the names of the shapes. 


You could watch these clips to help your learning. 

Days of the Week. 


Using a piece of A4 paper I would like you to split it into 8 sections. 


In the first sections write 'days of the week' and then in the remaining sections write the days of the week and illustrate with a picture to show what you would do on a usual day. 

Months of the Year.


Make a booklet by folding 3 sheets of A4 paper in half. 


On each side of the page write one of the months of the year and illustrate with a picture e.g. December with a Christmas tree. 




Weekly Spelling Words - Please check class Dojo for the spelling words for the week. 

Choose your favourite reading book and look carefully at the front cover, reading the blurb and thinking about who the author. Can you create your own front cover for your favourite book.




Can you go on a Capital letter hunt around your house and find as many examples as possible. Write them down. 


Can you find one for every letter of the alphabet?   

Choose your favourite book character or cartoon character and draw an outline of them. Can you write a description of your character labelling different parts using a range of adjectives.


Remember an adjective is a describing word.


E.g. The black witches hat.




Using speech bubbles, can you show the speech that happens between two characters. 


This could be from a book or your favourite cartoon. 

I have written a series of sentences to retell one of my favourite stories?




Do you know what the story is?


I think I have made a few errors in my writing. Please could you re-write these sentences so that they have the correct use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.




Can you pick 5 words from your reading book and try to find as many words that rhyme. 

Pretend that you have a super power of your choice for the day.


Write a diary entry about what you could get up to.


What might you do with your power? 




Write a letter to a family member or a friend to tell them about what you have been up to. 


Can you tell them an interesting fact about yourself?

Using your favourite story book, I would like you to write the next part of the story.


What could happen next?


What will happen to the characters?


Will there be another adventure or problem to solve? 


Will we meet any new characters?


Will the characters have a new adventure? 





Draw your bedroom and label the different materials that have been used. Why do you think that would be the best material to use?



Can you find an example of human geography in London and have a try at sketching it out. It would be great if you could find out some information and write some facts around the outside.



Using different objects from around your home can you build the tallest tower that will stand up for at least 10 seconds without falling over. You could measure the height of it and send us a picture.



Draw your own map of the United Kingdom and include the name of the countries and the capital cities. 

Enrichment Activities 


Week 2








Warm up - Using the 'Hit the Button' game can you practise your number bonds up to 20, using a mixture of the addition and subtraction games in the up to 20 box. Can you try and beat your top score each day? 



Using a ruler or a tape measure can you find different objects around your home and tell me how long they are in cm.


Please could you draw the object and then write the length next to it.



Using the visual timetable  template, create a timetable of your day showing me what you are doing each hour of the day.



Can you find a range of different containers around your house and work out which can hold the most water? Can you sort them from the lowest capacity to the highest?



Can you look at an online toy shop and pick a number of different toys that you would like to buy and write down the prices of them. 


Then I would like for you to write down the coins /notes that you would need to buy the object. You can only use the correct change. 



Can you create arrays out of object around the home to practise your 2, 5 and 10 times tables.  


Weekly Spelling Words - Please check class Dojo for the spelling words for the week. 








Create a story board to show the story of your favourite traditional tale.




Draw around your hand on a piece of paper and write a different fact about yourself on each finger.

Describe a mystical setting using a range of adjectives to help develop the image in the reader's mind. 




Using a dictionary or the internet find a type of animal for every letter of the alphabet.

Pick some objects from around the house and write 5 descriptive phrases using adjectives before asking someone to guess what the object is.


e.g. smooth, cold metal.




Draw the members of your family and write something special each one.


Remember the names need to have capital letters

Look at some  examples of the recipes and think about the key features and pieces of information that you would need to write your own recipe. With an adults help could you do some cooking or baking and then write your own recipe to share with your friends. It would be amazing to see the finished results and for you to tell us what it tastes like.




Draw a diagram of a plant and label all of the key parts including the flower, stem, roots, leaves and petals. 




Can you find and identify the 7 continents of the earth. 


Would you also include the line of the equator on your world map. 


World Map



Build a bridge out of materials at home. You could use paper, dry spaghetti or construction toys. 


How much weight can you put on the bridge before it collapses? 



Can you create a comparison between one of the capital cities in the UK and Rutland. 


Are there any similarities or differences? 

Enrichment Activities