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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Week 3 - Trees!

British Trees!


My challenge this week comes in two parts once again! A is to pick a tree that you quite like the look of and find out what it is! B is to try and work out how old that tree is!


Part A


In your garden, or whilst out on your daily walk, I wonder if you can spot a tree that you particularly like the look of. (I would recommend choosing one that has leaves on it as this will make it much easier to identify!) Take a photo of the tree if you can and then see if you can identify it. There's a great app called Picture This that might help you with this challenge:


Picture This


This website might help you too:


Country Life (A Simple Guide to identifying British Trees)


Part B


Once you have identified your tree, your next challenge is to calculate the age of your tree. You do this by measuring the circumference of the tree at a height of 1m. You'll need a measuring tape for this part, but if you forget it on your walk, you could always hug the tree and see how many of your hugs it takes to get around the tree trunk and then measure your hug when you get back home!


Once you measure all the way around the trunk of the tree, use this website to find out a rough age:


Mr Alfieri

Finding a tree that you like...

Finding out what type of tree it is...

Using the calculator to work out its age...

British Trees

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