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Splatter Painting Technique

Some people call this technique splattering, others call it spatter painting, however you say it... it’s a super fun watercolour technique that can add interest to any art project. You can use 1 colour or multiple colours, there are no rules. Just make sure you find a suitable place to do this (ask a grown up first) Outside is probably best!


1. Choose a watercolour project you would like to add some spatter painting to, you can use a painting with the wet on wet technique, or with the salt technique, it’s up to you. Or just a plain piece of paper is fine to start!

2. You generally want to mix your colours on the darker side. In the example above, I've used a dark green and a gold colour.

You can do splatter painting on paper that is wet or dry, each one will give you a different effect. If your paper is wet, the paint will soak in more, spread out a bit, giving it a softer effect.

3. Hold your paintbrush in one hand and with your first two fingers on your other hand tap your paintbrush across your paper, creating a splatter effect. Get more paint on your brush and try again. Keep going until you like how your painting looks.