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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Week 4: Catching

Welcome to Mr Bates' PE Challenge: Week 4


This week, we are focussing on catching objects of different shapes and sizes. It is important to understand how to catch objects with high levels of success and it is a skill which is transferable across a range of sports & activities.


Below are a series of clips, warm-ups and skills, each increasing in difficulty. Work through each of these challenges; consider how each one is different or more challenging than the previous.


To increase or decrease the difficulty whilst completing these challenges, consider how you could 'STEP up' your activity. STEP stands for:


Space- could you make the playing area bigger or smaller, does this make it easier or trickier?

Task- instead of throwing the ball/object up and down, could you catch a rebound off a wall?

Equipment- change the size and shape of the ball/object, how might this make it easier/harder?

People- could you use a sibling or family member to help, could you teach them what you've practiced?


Don't forget, don't practice until you get it right... practice until you can't get it wrong!


Can you beat your personal best?


Good luck with this weeks challenge; share your attempts to your portfolio!

To get you warmed up...

Warm Up 1

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Warm Up 2

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Warm Up 3

Still image for this video
Your challenge awaits...

Challenge 1

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Challenge 2

Still image for this video

Challenge 3

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