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Week 2

Note:  if this is your first time having a go at my Highland Dancing, then please go back to Week 1 and start from there.  Don’t worry, if you enjoy it and practise you will soon catch up to where we are now.  Happy dancing!


Hi there, hope you all had a lovely Easter break and have enjoyed practising the first step of the Highland Fling and haven’t found it too difficult.  Remember, don’t worry if it takes you time to get the hang of it, just keep practising and you’ll be highland dancing in no time.


This week we are going to be continuing with the first step of the Highland Fling (the shedding step) to include the turns in the step.  We will also start to practise the toe heels which we will use in the second step next week.


Here is the link to the YouTube highland fling if you would like the music to practise to.


Highland Fling Music


Have fun and happy dancing!

Mrs Hood


Still image for this video