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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Term 6 Week 1: Ice Sculptures

Thanks for checking out my art enrichment challenge for this week! Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at some fun sculpture ideas! Most people think sculpture is all about modelling with clay but it's so much more than that and each week I want to introduce you to many creative ways to get sculpting using things you will have at home!


This week (as the weather has been so hot!) I challenge you to make an ice sculpture. To do this... you need a suitable container that can fit in your freezer. This could be a plastic cup, rubber glove, balloon, ice cube tray etc. Fill your chosen container with water and have a think about something you could add to the water to make your sculpture even more interesting. Ideas include paint, food colouring, flowers, buttons, glitter, chopped fruit, leaves .... the list is endless. Leave your sculpture in the freezer overnight and then release your sculpture! Leave in a safe place to melt... your sculpture will change shape as it does which is fascinating to watch! Check out my photos below to get some ideas!

I would love to see some of your creations so don't forget

to send me your photos on class Dojo!

Have fun! Mrs Morton.



Ideas for Ice Sculptures

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