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St Nicholas CE Primary School

How to make a pinwheel!

Pinwheels or windmills are often found in shops by the seaside and look great stuck in the top of a sandcastle... but did you know they are incredibly easy to make? I will show you how!



What you need:



1. Coloured Paper 
2. Straws
3. Paper Pin Fasteners
4. Pencil
5. Sharp Pointed Tool (any)
6. Scissors
7. Hole Puncher
8. Blu Tac (optional)


How to make a pinwheel / windmill:


Take a sheet of coloured paper and fold corner of the paper to form a triangle.


Cut along the edges of the triangle.


Fold the triangle cutout into half to make a fold line.


Unfold and cut 2/3 way into the fold line.


Unfold the triangle into a square and you’ll see 2 corners with cuts.
Repeat these steps for the other 2 corners.


Punch holes on 4 flaps of the paper as shown.


Poke a hole in the middle of the paper using any sharp tool... even a pencil will do!


Use any sharp tool to poke a hole through the straw (near the end).
You may want to use some Blu while making the hole...

please don’t use your hand/fingers!


Bring all 4 corners (with hole) towards the middle of the pinwheel.
Put a paper pin fastener through all holes (4 flaps and 1 in the center of pinwheel).


Attach straw to pinwheel by placing the hole on the straw through the paper pin at the back of the pinwheel.



Display your pinwheel with pride!

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