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Week 5: Invite a wild animal into your home!

As we are not able to get out and about at the moment or see our family and friends.... I thought it would be a nice idea to have a few visitors round! So this week's task is to invite some wild animals to visit you! You might have a fierce predator stalking your garden... or a surprise addition to your bath tub! Look who came to visit me!


Task 1: Invite some visitors and takes some photos!


Here's how to do it!

Task 2: Be Creative and experiment with your photos!

To do this, you need to import your photos into a Word Document.  If you don't know how to do this .... ask a grown up (politely!) if they can help you! You can then get creative and artistic with your pictures! Here's how to do it!


Take a look at the artistic effects I added to my photos!

I would love to see your photos from Task 1 or Task 2 so do send them to me on Class Dojo! 

I will award Dojo Points to everyone who sends me their pictures! Have fun and stay safe with all those wild animals wondering around your house! Mrs Morton