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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Week 6: Pinwheel

This weeks challenge is to make a pinwheel, enjoy! 


You will need:

A piece of paper

A pencil

A ruler


A rubber

A split pin



  1. Cut a 15 cm square of paper.

  2. Use the pencil and ruler to draw two diagonal lines, corner-to-corner, that cross at the square's center. Mark the center point and mark a point (7 cm) from each corner on the diagonal line. Cut on the diagonal line from each corner up to the marked point. Rub out pencil marks, except for the center point.

  3. Using the split pin, punch a hole in the center and at every other point.

  4. Poke the pin through one of the point holes and curl the point toward the center. Don't fold!

  5. Curl each pierced point, in turn, toward the center and poke the pin through the holes.

  6. Push the pin through the center hole of the pinwheel.

  7. Holding the pencil on a flat surface with one hand, push the pin into the side of the rubber.

You now have a pinwheel! Hold the pinwheel in your hand and swish it around. The pinwheel should rotate on the pin. Take the pinwheel outside on a breezy day and see it whirl like crazy!


Tip: If your pinwheel doesn't rotate freely, it is probably rubbing against the pencil. You can fix this problem by inserting the pin into the rubber at a slight upward angle, or by slipping a small bead onto the pin before inserting it into the rubber.


Don't forget to send me a picture of your pinwheels on Class Dojo! laugh

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