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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Term 6 - Week 2: What's With The Weather?

What's with the Weather?

This week's challenge is to become a human weather gauge! This activity may need to be completed over a few days rather than on just one day. (Although, with the weather changing so quickly at the moment, maybe you can encounter lots of different types of weather all in one day!)


First you will need to decide where you are going to keep your weather diary. You could do this in a notebook or on a scrap of paper.


The idea is that you go outside, sit quietly and see how different types of weather make you feel. You might get wet! You might like to do this at the same time each day for a week, or go outside in the following conditions:


- Dry and Sunny

- Dry and Cloudy

- Wet and Cold

- Wet and Warm

- Dry and Windy

- Dry and Calm

- Wet and Windy

- Wet and Calm


What do I do?


  1. Go outside, even if it is raining!
  2. Consider the effect and how it makes you feel. Think about all of your senses!
  3. Don't forget to tell me when you have completed the activity! Message me on Dojo so that I can see how you felt.


Have a great time exploring the different weather types and how they make you feel. You may surprise yourself and really enjoy a weather condition that you weren't expecting.


Mr Alfieri

Sunny, Hot, Calm

Still image for this video

Today it was a very sunny and hot day. We went for a walk and sat down in a field near to where we live and had a picnic. Whilst we sat, I made some notes on how the weather was making me feel:


The sun on the back of my neck was hot. Although I felt very warm, it was calming to me. Maybe the breeze gently cooling me helped me to feel as relaxed as I did.


It was quiet where we were. I could hear birds in the nearby woods and the odd insect fly past. All of these sounds helped very much with the calm, relaxing mood.


Although there were some white clouds in the sky, the blue above us and the bright yellow buttercups around us made me feel positive and reminded me of being younger and going exploring with my friends.

Cloudy, Wet, Windy

Today was a cloudy, wet day and we spent much of it indoors baking, painting and watching Finding Dory! We went outside for a walk and I wrote some notes on how it made me feel.


We were all wrapped up in our warm, waterproof coats and it made me feel very safe. I imagine if I had been out in fewer layers, or without my waterproof jacket, I may have felt different. But I felt warm and safe. It reminded me of walking through Whissendine to school.


The sky above us looked ominous and I felt a little nervous. I wasn't scared, but the uncertainty of what was to come made me a little uneasy. Holly, my daughter, was very excited about jumping in all of the puddles in her wellington boots and I felt happy watching her playing.


During our walk, thunder began to rumble above us and we all felt a little nervous. The deep rumbling sound reminded me of nature's power and we quickly made our way home for a hot chocolate.

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