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Easter Holiday Fun - Wildflowers!

British Wildflowers!


My challenge this week comes in two parts again! A is to choose a wildflower that you quite like the look of and find out what it is! B is to design a Flower Fairy for your wildflower!


Part A


In your garden, or whilst on your daily walk, I wonder if you can spot a flower that you particularly like the look of. Take a photo of the flower if you can and then see if you can identify it. There's a great app called Picture This that might help you with this challenge:


Picture This



This website might help you too:


Country Life (A Simple Guide to the Wildflowers of Britain)



Part B


Once you have identified your wildflower, your next challenge is to design a Flower Fairy. Here's a link to a website that might inspire you:


Flower Fairies



Mr Alfieri

Finding a wildflower that you like...

Finding a wildflower that you like... 1
Finding a wildflower that you like... 2

Identifying your wildflower...

Identifying your wildflower... 1
It's a Siberian Squill, also know as Scilla.

Designing your fairy...

Designing your fairy... 1

British Wildflowers

British Wildflowers 1