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Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to your Winter 2019/2020 menu

This menu has been designed with Brexit in mind, we have checked all our products with our suppliers to ensure we can secure the stock. Please be aware that the menu may be subject to change based on the availability of ingredients. We have got back up stock in place, especially for our allergen menus to ensure we can carry on providing a safe menu for your child.

We have teamed up with Wesses bakery of Market Harborough who will now be providing all our bread, rolls and cakes! With the ever-growing disclaimers on bread and cake products our choice was very limited which is why we sourced a bakery that could help us. Wesses is a local bakery to us and they have their own bakery shop in Market Harborough, we have had quite a lot of fun sampling cakes recently!!!


We are still struggling to ensure parents are ordering for their child, Please ensure you have booked your child’s meal for when we return after the break, even if your child is Universal free school meals or Free school meals as if a child turns up to lunch with no order booked they will not be given the meal of the day as this is cooked to order, they will be given a lunch bag that is available which makes it hard for our staff when the child wants the main meal but there isn’t a meal booked for them. We have made it very easy to order and our online system lets you order up to midnight the night before or if your school is not online you can hand your order in to your school. We cannot accept orders after 9.00 am and you cannot place an order without a payment accompanying the order, if you fill out a termly order then you must pay for a termly order and not arrange payment weekly.


For schools using the online system, we can not accept bank transfers, please book using the online booking system.


If your child has a dietary requirement please email the office for one of our specialist menus and a dietary requirement form, please note we can not feed your child a special menu until we have this completed form. We also have a vegan menu available.