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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Week 3: Create a 'time capsule'!


The 2020 Covid-19 pandemic will go down in the history books. In the future, children in schools will be learning about social distancing, lockdown and the coronavirus in their history classes. A time capsule is a way of teaching future generations all about what lockdown was really like.


So what is a 'time capsule'? Time capsules are containers of some kind which hold information and a selection of objects, picked because they have a special meaning in the time that we’re living in. While everyone will make theirs differently depending on what they think is important, these are some of the basics that you should do to create your time capsule.


Think about the container you want to use for your time capsule. Wood, plastic and metal are going to be most durable.

Think about the sorts of things you want to put in your capsule. These may include photographs, a newspaper, letters or postcards, a game you have played or a diary you have kept. 

Think about the information you wish to record. I have put a collection of sheets together (scroll down below) which you may find useful. You could use all of them or just some of them. 


Think about where you would like to bury your time capsule for people to find in years to come.


I would love you to send me pictures of your time capsule if you manage to make one! Enjoy making your 'little piece of history'! Mrs Morton 

Time Capsule Sheets To Help You

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