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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Term 6 - Week 1: Elderflower Cordial!

Elderflower Cordial!


I hope you've all been enjoying my nature enrichment challenges. I thought we would try something a little different this week!


If you've never tasted elderflower cordial before, you are really missing out! I've always loved a glass of elderflower cordial as a special treat, and this year I decided to find out how to make it after spotting some elderflowers near our new home.


You can only make this drink for a couple weeks whilst the elderflowers are out, and remember to do this with an adult as you must make sure you are collecting the correct flowers carefully by the roadside and you will also need some help to safely boil the water.


If you are unsure if what you have found is elderflower, you could use the Picture This app I have mentioned previously:


I used the following recipe to make mine, but I didn't add citric acid:


My cordial was still delicious but it will taste slightly different to the recipe and I will need to drink it a little sooner as it will not last as long.


Good luck and let me know how it tastes!


Mr Alfieri


What do elderflowers look like when they are ready to be collected?

Collect flowers on hedges, not from the ground.

Mr Alfieri's Elderflower Cordial

My cordial was a little darker than the traditional colour as I used brown sugar.

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