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Elmer the Elephant!

We love Elmer the Elephant in Class 1 and enjoyed reading lots of Elmer stories together as part of our topic on colour. The children experimented with mixing their own colours and made colour squares which we put together to make our own enormous Elmer. The children came up with lots of 'huge' words to describe Elmer like 'ginormous', 'massive' and 'humongous'! Please come and take a look at him!

The children had a go at designing an Elmer of their own on the computer. They learnt how to use the 'fill' tool and selected lots of different colours to make their elephants multicoloured. Don't they look fabulous?!

We particularly liked Ben's picture as he had experimented with the 'rainbow tool'. The following week, Ben showed the rest of the children what he had done and we all had a go too! We made another Elmer picture using our new found skills and these are on display in the corridor so come and take a look!

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