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Fredtime: Red Words

The children love their daily phonics session with Fred the Frog. Now we have completed all our Set 1 sounds we continue to reinforce them daily through a variety of activities and we are encouraging the children to blend their sounds to read and write simple words.

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In addition to this, we are also introducing a new 'red word' each week. These 'red words' are sometimes known as 'sight words' or 'high frequency words'. We tell the children these words are a bit 'naughty' because we can't 'sound them out' using our 'Fred talk'. We just have to learn them by sight. So far we have introduced 'I', 'the' and 'to'.
Here are some photos of the children searching for red words in the outdoor area - they adored this activity and I somehow think we will be repeating it again when we have learnt some more red words!

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