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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Year 1

Team building with Y2. Great negotiating and listening skills.

Thanks to the 'The Party Animals' we were able to have some amazing hands on experience with many fascinating creatures. First up - snakes...

Some invertebrates!

Blue tongue Skink, Monitor Lizard, Chameleon and more!

Mammals - Red foxes, Meerkats and Raccoons

We had amazing time at the Tower of London. Thank you to all our helpers who made the day extra special. The children were fantastic when acting the story of the Great Fire during our taught session. Super proud of you all Team 1!

An amazing day spent with Year 6 planning and building Tudor Houses ready for our WOW day in Term 6!

Phonic detectives!

We have been learning to write using a quill, just like Samuel Pepys. Some of his entries were written in code to confuse any readers. Can you work out our code writing?