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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Year 6

WOW! What an amazing term we have had together Team 5!


From absolutely working our socks off before and during our SATs tests, to having breakfast at school and then making new friends, climbing higher than ever before, and showing incredible responsibility and resilience at Caythorpe, we have been super busy this term!

I am so proud of every single one of you! You have continued to smile throughout, which shows what amazing, confident young people you are! Thank you! smiley frown I already can't wait for another fantastic term together! no


We have so much to look forward to in Term 6 too!

Just take a look below to see some of what we have to look forward to! 


As you know, we have already begun work on our production, 'The life and times of Stuart' - I hope you've enjoyed having a look through the script during the half-term holidays! (Thank you for writing it for us Team 4 - it looks fantastic!) Our learning this term will focus on preparing for the big performance, where everyone will have a chance to shine and show off their creative side. From developing our acting skills and confidence on stage, to making costumes and designing the set or choreographing dances and singing solos - not forgetting producing short films which will be featured as part of the show, we will need to work as a team and everyone will have an important role to play! 

That's bound to keep us busy - but there's more...!

As well as getting ready to be on stage, we will also be continuing with our History project on The Stuarts this term - beginning with a bit of a WOW when we recreate The Great Fire of London and burn the houses we made with Team 1 at the end of last term. (Don't worry the Fire Brigade will be there to help us keep it all under control!)

Our learning in history will be an exciting focus for much of our writing in Term 6 and in maths, we will be developing key skills in many areas to help prepare us for the move to secondary school. 

There's MORE...!

We also have lots of exciting days out to look forward to during Term 6 - from our whole school trip to London, to various sporting events, to taster days at your new Secondary School! 


PE days will now be on Wednesdays this term but, as always, please make sure you have your kit in school every day so we can be flexible! 


Water bottles are a must this term Team! Hopefully we will have lots of sunny, warm weather in June and July so you need to be responsible and make sure you are keeping hydrated! 


Phhewwwww.... so much to do and so much to look forward to! Let's get stuck in and make it an INCREDIBLE last term together! frown no


Who knows?...Maybe we'll even get a party at the end of it all! 


Miss Rowe


We had so much fun on our trip to Caythorpe! Everyone rose to the challenges they were set and showed amazing resilience throughout! You made us so proud, Team! Here are some photos from the trip:

Today we were investigating how the human digestive system works! We had lots of fun with our learning and ended up getting quite messy!

In Science we have been learning about the circulatory system. We thought about what our bodies looked like inside and then learnt about the job of the heart and how it works. To help us with understanding how the heart pumps red blood cells around the body and why they journey to the lungs to pick up oxygen and drop of carbon dioxide, we created our own human heart! Some of us were the different parts of the heart, some were the lungs, some were the different body parts and some were the red blood cells journeying around the body!

Term 3

Happy New Year and welcome back team!

smiley laugh frown

What an exciting, fun-filled start to the term you’ve had already, with a trip to the Young Voices Concert in Birmingham! I hear it was a great success and you all had a fantastic time singing and dancing – some of you even said it was so amazing, it gave you goose bumps! Wow!

This term we are focusing on being responsible learners which means asking for advice and acting on it, thinking carefully about a task, listening to others and always making sure your learning is the best it can be!

We’re going to have plenty of opportunities to show how responsible we can be through our Topic learning this term, as it takes the form of a project, looking at what life would be like if we lived in another part of the world. From Africa to America, to the North Pole to Tenerife, we’ve got lots of your burning questions to answer, as we embark on an exciting geographical learning journey around the world.

In Literacy this term, we will be learning about what makes a powerful piece of persuasive writing. We have already been challenged by Mr Dunn to plan him a perfect summer holiday and persuade him to go to your chosen destination by creating our own persuasive holiday brochures.  To do this, and ensure it is the best it can be, we are going to work on using adventurous and ambitious vocabulary as well as creating powerful, positive, visual images through our word choices and the use of stylistic language. Later in the term, we will be creating our own adventure stories and learning how to use speech effectively in our writing. In Maths, we will be focusing on division in our target time and using and applying what we’ve learnt to help us solve problems.

In Science, we are ‘Staying Alive’ this term and learning about the circulatory system, the digestive system and the impact of our lifestyles on our bodies. In ICT, we are continuing to work on APP building with Mr Bingham (our expert). Now that we have successfully built a times table APP as a team, this term, we are going to begin to design, build and code our own APPs!

PE this term will continue to be on a Tuesday and a Friday but remember, it’s helpful for you to always have your full PE kit (indoor and outdoor) in school in case we are feeling sporty on another day.

Homework continues to be set on a Friday and handed in on a Wednesday – keep up the hard work with this! I have been so impressed with the standard of your homework each week over the last two terms! Well done! no no

Remember to keep reading and practising spellings and time tables each night at home too! This makes a HUGE difference to your learning and progress in school!

Keep up the hard work Team – I am so proud of you all! frown


Miss Rowe smiley

We are working with Y2 to develop reading comprehension and leadership skills.

In literacy this term, we have been writing recounts. Last week, we wrote all about our exciting day trip to visit the Year Six children at Chilcote Primary School in Birmingham. Have a look at the documents below to find out more! 


We also did some independent recounts on our fantastic trip to Wildwood restaurant. Check out our brilliant writing below!

frown Welcome to our Year 6 Class Page! laugh


Our year has already got off to an exciting start with a brand new classroom, a new year group, a new teacher, new learning and some new team members too! I'm really looking forward to getting to know you all better and starting our learning journey together. smiley


​You have already proven that you are extremely well prepared for your learning which is fantastic as our focus is on 'Readiness' this term - more precisely, being physically ready, mentally ready and emotionally ready for our learning. 


In Literacy this term, we will be learning how to create powerful, visual images through our word choices and use of stylistic language and we will also focus on different ways we can structure our sentences to hook the reader into our short stories. In Maths, we will be focusing on number and beginning to work on our targets in adding, subtraction, multiplication and division. 


Our Topic this term is the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age so get ready to journey back in time to millions of years ago and learn what life was like when people lived in caves! In Science, we will be learning about evolution and how animals, including humans, have evolved over time. In ICT, we are beginning a very exciting new project which will enable us to become APP developers!


PE this term will be on a Tuesday and a Friday but it is helpful for you to always have your full PE kit in school in case we are feeling sporty on another day. It is also helpful for you to have an outdoor pair of trainers to wear outside on the field at playtimes and lunchtimes. 


A Learning Journal task will be given out on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday and spellings will be given out each Monday and tested the following Monday. 


What a busy and exciting term we have ahead of us Team! I can't wait to get stuck in! 


Miss Rowe no






Yesterday, we all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Wildwood in Oakham where we were able to make our own pizzas!

Homework Help!

Over the last week, we having been learning about division in our maths lessons.

Use the video tutorials below to help you with the section about division in your homework this week. 

Division Chunking Method

Uploaded by Sally Rowe on 2014-10-17.

Division Short Method

Uploaded by Sally Rowe on 2014-10-17.

This week enjoyed learning about science through dance! We watched a fantastic, inspiring performance early in the morning and had lots of fun creating our own dance based on recycling later in the afternoon.

Today, we started to investigate the features of a newspaper report. Keep your eyes pealed for our own newspaper reports coming very soon!

Today, we enjoyed learning about taking risks and how we can keep ourselves safe in the home, with friends and near to railway lines, roads and rivers. Here are some pictures of our morning at Warning Zone!

Enjoying learning in our new classroom!

Investigating in History! What can historical artefacts tell us about the past?

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