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St Nicholas CE Primary School

Year 4

A new year and new class, class 4, a mix of year 4 and 5. We have an exciting journey ahead, moving forward with our targets for maths, literacy and reading but travelling back in time for topic, back to the Stone Age! Our ‘village’ will be an ever growing feature of our classroom with our learning and research demonstrated through our own model. We will think about how people lived in those times. In maths we will be focusing on our knowledge of number and calculation. In Literacy, we will look at our sentence structure and how to write exciting adventures set in distant, past lands. The class will be listening to and responding to a number of different styles of music, classical and modern, using art, music and ICT to show our response. We will also begin our journey to the Young Voices concert, SO exciting.

In science we will look closely at living creatures, their habitats and the environment they live in, around our school. The school nature area will be our hunting ground and we will learn how to classify and group the animals we find. We will learn and improve skills in PE, focusing on Rugby and Gymnastics, on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Our updated website is a great place to see more of our learning and progress and there will be some online homework challenges will be set, later on through the term.

We look forward to an exciting and busy term working and learning together.

Mrs Ray and Mrs Barton.

Team 4 Homework – Term 1

Homework will be sent out on a Friday for the children to return to school by the following Wednesday.

Following a lesson in school, spellings will go out on Monday, for a test the following Monday. The children have a separate spelling book which will need to be in school on Monday for the children to write their weekly spellings in. These will be based on the spelling rule we are looking that week in class. They will be learning different strategies to help with their practice, which will be in their homework books.

There will be a times table challenge each week – (The children can time themselves completing this but this is optional!) These challenges will help work on their quick recall of different times tables, a key skill.

Children have their reading books which we encourage them to share with others at home. They have a book mark to record reading – as a record of the progress they are making. Some weeks they may have a reading task, a comprehension, to complete at home.

The children will also have a maths challenge, which will be based on their maths learning from the previous week. This will help to reinforce the children’s understanding. This will sometimes be as an online activity. If there is an issue with accessing the internet at home, please let me know as we can allow access at school to the exciting new website.

Any questions, please feel free to come in and ask.

Mrs Ray and Mrs Barton, Team 4

Science Through Dance!

Class 4 imagined what it would be like in the Stone Age to gather wood and build a fire, for heat, to cook and for light. We made some charcoal sticks to create some drawings, like ancient cave art.

After researching the habitats of some of the living things on our school field, Class 4 have created our own Bug Hotel, The Butterfly Retreat.

This week we have been learning about time and Roman Numerals.

We have studied the different features of animals and changed ourselves to be even more unique!

We looked for Living Things on Our School Field to Classify

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