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Year 2

Fun and learning in London

What a great term Class 2. 


Wow, what a wonderful adventure. Our visit to the Tower of London was packed full of learning and fun. Thank you adult helpers for doing such a wonderful job. Take a look at our photos.


Last week we had lots of fun at Burghley House and Sculpture Gardens. Lots of smiles on those photos whilst we celebrate the progress and great attitude to learning that you have all shown this year. Well done.



Our last week continues to be busy.

Our play at 3pm on Monday

Meet your new teacher on Tuesday

Watch Y4/5/6 play on Wednesday

End of term and leavers assembly on Thursday!

Thank you for all your hard work

Class 2 demonstrating their learning with style. Great job children, well done.

Working as a team whilst 3D shape building with Y1

The story of Romeo and Juliet

Storybox drama show

Arriving at the Tower of London and enjoying the sights.

Meeting Princess Joan from 1302

Meeting the guards and Beefeaters

Inside the White Tower

Picnic time!

Being patient on our bus journey.

Welcome to our class page!

Final details for the Tower of London visit.

Mrs Barnwell joined us to talk about road safety. This is the first of four sessions. If you would like to join us on the walks in week 2 and 3 we would be very grateful.

"Walkwise" road safety letter.

Learning about the Great Fire of London with Y1 and the fire brigade.

Enjoying yoga with Mrs Evans.

Learning how to stay safe on scooter day.

Learning Journal, week 2, term 5

Learning Journal, week 1, term 5.

Great dinosaur models

Easter cards and painting

Dinosaur Cove adventure stories

Week 4 Learning Journal Learning - Dinosaurs

Happy Dinosaur Explorer Day!

Dinosaur explorer day - Thursday 5th March

Learning about forces with Zany Zulu from Mad Science. Fantastic fun learning.

Class 2, Bring a book day on Thursday 12th Feb. Bring your favourite book to share with the team.

We had great fun on our maths challenge at the Botanic Gardens.

Fun in the snow

Fun in the snow!

We have been learning about Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) celebrations.

We are learning about Judaism and in particular the festival of Sukkot. Here we are building sukkah's together.

Christmas church service. Well done Class 2, you were great!

Fun on tinsel day as we raise money for a great cause.

Christmas arrangements for Y2

African drumming. What a fantastic new experience.

Y6 helping us develop our reading comprehension skills.

Thank you Scarlett for sharing your wonderful snake skin with us. Wow.

Great arty fun making clay pots.

Solving word problems with money.

Learning about how our brains make connections as we learn.

Learning about Remembrance Day.

Enjoying the new playground.

Amazing brains. We are thinking about what we already know.

Learning journal homework, week 1. We are being resilient!

Our brains feel just like tofu so we explored what that feels like.

Norman and English warriors!

We are busy preparing for our performance on Tuesday. We are making shields and finishing our Bayeux Tapestry.

Building castles using reflection, resilience and teamwork.

Having fun watching and dancing with "Dance into Science day."

Rockingham Castle visit. We had a wonderful time learning more about castles and William the Conqueror.

Our first few days in Y2. We are enjoying role play and number work.

Enjoying our new style dinners
Role play the three little pigs
Estimating in numeracy and working as a team

Learning Journals

Year 2 children use learning Journals to review and extend their learning. They will bring it home on Thursday afternoons.

Please return it to school by Tuesday.


There will be a sticker to explain our learning objectives for that week and also a sheet which will have a list of different tasks that your child can choose from. We will have talked about these tasks in class and the children may have suggested some of the tasks themselves.


We hope to have some fun online learning resources as part of our home learning which will be up and running later this term.


Please talk about the tasks and then let your child pick ONE which they should then record in any way in their Journal.


If you would like to record your child’s ideas then this is fine.

Please encourage them to read their ideas back to you and talk them over.

Please encourage your child to record their work in any creative way that they choose, written, fold out charts, pictures, diagrams, photos, etc. I will provide suggestions but feel free to let your child take charge and be as creative as they like. Most weeks they will be very practical tasks.

This homework aims to be fun, creative and individual to your child. We hope it will provide you with better information about what your child is learning in school and give interesting ideas about how you can support and develop that learning at home.

This homework should not take any longer than 25 minutes per activity.

Please encourage your child to take pride in their Journal and complete their work in pencil in their neatest handwriting.

We will share the Journals on Thursday so the children can enjoy and learn from each others work and ideas.

Please let me know how you are getting on.

Have fun!